Steve Wilson - Motivational Topics

Steve is a movitational/conference speaker. Some of his clients include: Disney Corp., US Bank, United State Army, United States Postmasters, Catepillar, Credit Unions as well as universities, senior and junior high schools and educational service districts.

Below are some of his motivational topics. If you are interested in having him speak at your group or function, call him at (509) 999-7000.
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“Let’s All Be Superstars” – Wilson’s powerful message of self determination and teamwork will take you to next level of awareness.  Through anecdotes, personal stories, and drawing on his experience as a Referee in the National Football League as well as a Minister of the Gospel, Wilson explores everyday leadership examples and insights that everyone can use to achieve their goals and dreams.

“Get off the Sidelines and onto the Field” - Wilson will demonstrate the power of influence each one of us possesses as we work with others.  Using anecdotes, stories, humor and poetry each one will come away with a new sense of leadership and a deeper desire to meet their life goals.

“Scoring Touchdowns in Life” - Wilson will develop a renewed sense of energy in your organization, school district, or company.  His down home style of humor and storytelling will enlighten and entertain folks of all ages.  Put his simple truths to use, and you will have a brand new company when it comes to attitudes and actions.




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