Steve Wilson - Team 29

"Show me your friends and I will show you your future"

Team 29 is a men's accountabiltiy group.

Steve is a movitational/conference speaker and pastor. Steve also speaks in various churches and church group functions. If you are interested in having him speak at your group or function, call him at (509) 999-7000.
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"Intimacy with God” – Are you spending daily time in prayer and scripture reading?

“Relationships with family and friends” – Are they healthy and vibrant?

“Is your life out of focus?” – Are you causing others to stumble in their walk? Is pride getting in the way? Are you telling any half truths, cheating, stealing?

“Are you staying pure?” – in your relationships if you are single and faithful to your wife if you are married?

“Are you depending? ” – on any kind of stimulant to get you through your day?

“Have you been COMPLETELY and TOTALLY HONEST?” – about ALL of the above?




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