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Steve is a motivational/conference speaker and former pastor. Some clients have included: Disney Corp., US Bank, United State Army, United States Postmasters, Catepillar, Credit Unions as well as universities, senior and junior high schools and educational service districts. Steve also speaks in various churches and church group function.

Below are some of his faith-based topics. If you are interested in having him speak at your group or functions, call him (509) 999-7000.
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Live Life to the Fullest" - Steve points out that we spend much of our time trying to please other people and ignore taking care of ourselves, liking who we were made to be. We would live more complete knowing who we are and living up to our potential.
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"Drifting” – Wilson brings a message from the book of Hebrews asking each person to look very closely at their lives and see if they have allowed secular influences begin to shift their attention away from the principles set forth in GOD’S word.  His message deals with one basic truth and 3 areas of application.
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“Winning made EASY” – 3 simple ways to live a devoted, committed, sold out, no holes barred, hot, on fire, goin’ for it, no turning back disciple of Jesus Christ!!!  Let GOD be your COACH, Let HIM call the plays and ALWAYS be TEACHABLE!
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“How do you SERVE?” – Do you want to be a better servant of GOD?  If so, this is a powerful message designed to strengthen your desire to serve and have fun doing it.  Grab a friend….you don’t want to miss this one!





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